Ice with a bit of spice

The summer sun and frozen snacks go hand-in-hand. Finding a snow cone just got a little easier because a new business has moved to town.

Addi’s SugaShack re-opened in the Robinson Crossing Shopping Center at 1228 N. Interstate Drive, providing Norman with gourmet shaved ice and spicy treats.

The sho recently relocated from its original location on the Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City, but the new storefront allows owner Erica Gomez an opportunity to turn the blank canvas into a work of art.

Addi’s SugaShack at 1228 N. Interstate Drive is open for business. Photo by Jessie Klinger.

“We kind of wanted to do a fresh start and start over somewhere make new and in a new town,” said Gomez. “This is actually way bigger for us. We had like all of this wall space to be able to kind of create something… It was basically an empty canvas for us to be able to create what we wanted.”

Addi’s is owned by Gomez and her husband and started in order to save money for their children’s college funds. The shop also provides an employment opportunity to family members.  

Employee and nephew Jose Gonzales currently works the register at Addi’s SugaShack in addition to being a full-time student. “My favorite part was always customer service,” said Gonzales. “The first experience when someone walks in has been my favorite part overall.”

The fun and fresh environment entices customers, standing apart from your typical snow cone shop. 

“As soon as you walk in, you feel like family,” said customer Gaby Robinson. “Usually, I tell her what three flavors I like, and then I let her make it boujee with whatever she wants. She’s really good at coming up with the best concoctions.”

Addi’s SugaShack offers a wide variety of traditional flavors and provides customers the option to “Make it ‘Boujee’” with spicy flavors such as tajin and chamoy.

The “Make it ‘Boujee’” menu includes non-traditional snow cone flavors and toppings. Photo by Jessie Klinger. 

In addition to snow cones, the menu features elotes en vaso, dill pickles, and nachos

“It’s kind of cool because here we have snow cones, but then we also have a couple of like Mexican items,” said Gonzales.

Addi’s will be facing off against the renamed old standby, Beanstalk Coffee & Sno, formerly known as Eskimo Sno.  

May the best cup of ice win.